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tv   [untitled]    May 30, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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for public safety and a thank you >> thank you. >> while your coming up i'll call more names (calling names) >> good morning president fong and vice chair. i serve as the jeopardy manager of the garden. we are pleased to see that many of the public benefits is the permanent contribution of $550,000 for the management and security. the garden as many know the jewel of the area and we're
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grateful to the participates that are making such a large contribution and any minor shadow will be offset. we ask you move this project forward. thank you >> good morning commissioners. i'm a resident of the four seasons. i quite enjoy living there i think shawn jeffrey's has done a wonderful job their very good developers but i'm disappointed on the 706 project. it has the appearance of doing a great job for the mexican museum i'm chinese background and what
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makes this city a beloved city is because of the diverse culture. but i'm disappointed in the sense i was a developer once before i retire so when i buy a project you buy a lot for right zoning for the ordinances how many square petitions you can do. you will not exploit the system fall come out at 5 hundred feet. this kind of attitude is not acceptable for developers supposedly to help the citizens and to help beautify the skyline of san francisco and to do a
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great job for the mexican museum. i believe theorize trying to maximize their bottom line. i have faith if the xhirgsdz you're here to uphold the proposition k that you have passed that you took so much time. so i. looking to you all to look at this carefully and i also want you to - how many of you have gone to jess i didn't square and taken a look? i want a show of hands. i took a long time the tower the
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jessie square has the jewish museum then a tall believe this. well, we cut through the jessie police car i'm not going to repeat double parking of the trucks. i want you to take into serious consideration the parking of the trucks >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i'm edward i live in the four seagulls residence. to me this situation is very clear. the developer is motivated to make as much profit as he.
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in this connection we've hired lawyers and experts all to maximize his return. in order to do that he's got to convince the city, he needs to develop the project at this level. but it goes against the proposition k it is to suggest this project is - please keep in mind this is the same developer that developed the four seasons who turns his back on us. and proposes a project to diminish the quality of the live in the area.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please >> my name is anthony. i live at franklin. i've worked as an art critic and traveled least 50 shows. i published at least 50 articles. i think that most importantly what this project in the city and where i live i see development everywhere and i don't think that's going to stop and i don't think this project will be the biggest. more importantly for me, i think the bigger issue has to do with
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creating a space and especially in this city it contributes to the sober environment where we can start to develop i would say an inclusive division constant of what constitutes american art. i think that with that in mind this project should be supported. thank you >> thank you. >> to the members of the audience that are up against the walls or in front of of the door. in the room 408 if you wish to submit our public comment please make your way to this room
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>> so since we're doing a little show of hands how many have seen the movie honey, i slung the kids. this project the building has honey it's been shrunk to accumulate the concerns. now let me ask you because i was here when all of you decided on the trans bay project. there was numerous believes that got granted approval foreshadow
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on union square. i didn't see one of these persons in this room today from the four seasons protesting that day the stood allocation this was made on union square. i didn't see former supervisors get up here and testify against none of those projects. and i didn't hear l about him threatening lawsuits from the bay projects. so why is it we have to focus today those folks from the four seasons come in here and protest those projects. if he were so concerned about shadowing on union square they
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would have all been here protesting with their lawyers protesting. i represent the friends of mexican museum and these are r a few of the folks come today. so we don't repeat ourselves they're not going to speak but there's a whole bunch of people in the overflow room. and at the end of the day somebody spoke about the mexican museum it's been a struggle. the mexican museum has been a struggle and at the end of the day the mexican organization felt this was a business decision they made to be able to depreciate the mexican museum built no different than the
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african-american museum. it's a business opportunity. and thank you very much (clapping) >> if i've called your name come on up (calling names) >> good morning. just barely. president fong and vp commissioners >> i'm howard. i will hero at san francisco not in the four assault weapons but i've been working as special land use council with the residents association. i want to make is clear that the association supports having a
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mexican museum and supports prop k and strongly believes you're being mislead. you can't have a successful tower at 3 hundred and 50 feet not to put a shadow on the square and a museum. you have the 756 analysis that mr. fong submitted earlier this accepts fully the $65 million extraditions, benefits that the city is receiving from this project. but what was not presented was the other part of it that the developer on the original
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proposed project will receive $85 million benefits. so there's no economical business to put new shadow on. secondarily in the feasibility study that the ap s did it's late and we weren't given it until after the h b c hearings. and we're not looking to have lawsuits for flaws we're looking for a solution. i'll be happy to answer questions on either of those. but i think what is a last minute attempt to cover the backdoor. in 1989 i represented the fifth
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avenue and working with supervisor mar to get 1 percent of union square so it could have the same shadow before prop k. on new york times 12 last year you added in and got seven hundred and 64 thousand feet of the mission bay. nobody thought that could be done. my time is up i'll be happy to explain further why this didn't dye tie-in >> thank you. next speaker, please >> thank you. good morning.
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i'm a resident of san francisco. 43 years. and i have here to ask you to support to vote for this project the mexican museum. i don't think i can make a better case i think why, why not. and then my brother said to me about the shadows yeah, the shadows of the mexican folks. we are are the shadows here in san francisco. we been here california was never part of the confederacy.
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this city was part of the city it was not accepted and it became part of the confederacy that's part of the mexican heritage. when i hear the radio especially on the right side of the political aspects all i hear about is latinos wire - whatever we work hard. but there is some much art, culture that we contribute to. our church is boo about to disappear. archbishop one of the future agricultural historic buildings.
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so we continue to lose that. now we want an opportunity to have a museum it's part of the heritage of this city. it's a nation of immigrants. yes, we were. so i ask you think about it. why, why this much of an issue how long do we have to wait. as robert my brother said i don't see the opposition. why this budget? i know there are concerns about traffic we can work on that. i spoke to supervision kim.
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i thank you, very much for your time. thank you have a wonderful day >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm a recent graduate of the university of san francisco. i'm here to speak on behalf of our support to support the mexican museum. the completion of this project represented a unique setting for all further generations to engage in the history of our people. we have followed this and we believe wholeheartedly this the project has so much to angina
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and b will benefit the community. as a representative of the younger generation we all believe we need to build a permanent home for the mexican dream. this is for our mexican folks who live and work in this community. providing the mexican museum an opportunity to build a home will allow us to strengthen and retain our heritage. the importance of your decision today has implementations far beyond the issues of a shadow on behalf of our folks we ask you to please approve this project the tower and the museum.
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thank you >> good morning commissioners. the director of admission language. on association that has been serving the san francisco for the past 45 years providing toward product and health and technology and have graduated over 28 thousand students. also, we do run a after school program. i believe that you support and know this is mexican museum strengthens the education and nativity of our youth. that's why i'm here. this project is extremely
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important for all our youth. i am before you to ask on my on behalf of to support in project and also on that on behalf of the thousands of the students who will benefit from this museum. i would like to ask you, please do your part and making this wonderful gift to the city of san francisco the medication can museum a reality. thank you so much for your work >> i'd like to put out a reminded to the persons in room 408 if you want to submit your commit to this chamber make your way to this room.
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>> hello i've lived in and loved san francisco for almost my whole life. i'm here to ask you to please don't turn san francisco into a dark city of shadows. we are here because we love living in a city that
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>> i'm here today to express my support of the 706 mission project. it's a wonderful use of the resource. any minor shadow cast by the resident building is far out weighed. please give the appropriate
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approvals to allow this project to move forward thank you. calling one last card. >> thank you. i'm an artist i live in san francisco. i want to tell you something very simple amazing. no be i'm egypt cop. minority. so nobody can vouch for the mexican museum like me. i'm all for it. believe we're building a youth
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center for the cops. but find out what the developer was going to spend on the mexican museum let him going give that as a donation to the city. give it to the mexicans to build their mucus
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>> coming up one more card that you good afternoon. i'm an employer.
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this is for channel mission. for the hills there was a permit assessable for the missions in regards to the san francisco board of supervisors to answer this bond. this was a security of bonds this was in 2002. this information for the nobletion for the recreational event is for businesses really business orders. i was so happy how it was looking so far with the department of education. what my main objective was to see some of the different events like the one event in front of
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city hall. i'm thinking about the red events but i want to go back to answering about the bond. there was substantial privacy for the fdic. and my dean was reviewing my homework and i want to make sure i'm presentable and for minute order or for transfer of calendar. it will be an annual report and we will receive the information and make sure i have descents of
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